Lazard Defensive Global Dividend Fund Series FH (CAD)

  • Distribution Frequency: Monthly
  • Number of Holdings: 187
  • Total Net Assets: C$30 M


The Lazard Defensive Global Dividend Fund seeks to deliver, steady, above market returns while generating an attractive level of dividend income. The Fund invests in developed global markets and is fully diversified across sectors, industries, capitalizations, and geographies. Through the use of portfolio construction techniques and extensive risk management the Fund seeks to reduce the draw down potential that is typical of long only equity portfolios.


  • Invests in financially stable stocks with historically consistent earnings
  • Uses a mosaic of investment factors: value, sentiment, growth, quality, dividend stability & yield
  • Fully diversified with extensive risk management
  • Only invests in developed markets
  • 5% targeted annual distribution, paid monthly


  • Can participate in normal and up markets while protecting in down markets
  • Provides a lower volatility pattern of returns
  • Suitable as a core global equity allocation
  • Minimizes exposure to macro-economic risks
  • Provides a monthly income stream

Portfolio Sub-Advisors

  • Lazard Asset Management

    Lazard Equity Advantage Team

Fundserv : BIP

Fund Number
A 430 440
AH 450 -
F 433 443
FH 453 -