Sionna Canadian Equity Fund Series F (CAD)

  • Distribution Frequency: Annually
  • Number of Holdings: 32
  • Total Net Assets: C$255 M


The Sionna Canadian Equity Fund invests in 30–45 larger Canadian companies that Sionna believes are fundamentally strong and undervalued with the goal of preserving capital in falling markets and delivering growth in rising markets.


  • Uses a relative value approach uniquely designed for Canada
  • Sector neutral, with typically a +/-5% differential to index sector weights
  • Emphasis on corporate governance
  • Low portfolio valuations (e.g., P/E, P/B)
  • Above average dividend yields


  • Potential for long-term outperformance with less volatility
  • Broad exposure to most sectors of the Canadian stock market
  • Exposure to higher quality companies
  • Can avoid expensive stocks/preserve capital
  • Harnesses income to contribute to total-returns

Portfolio Sub-Advisors

  • Sionna Investment Managers

    Sionna Investment Team

Fundserv : BIP

Fund Number
A 181 -
F 581 -