Mental Health & The Financial Advice Relationship

In 2016, Bridgehouse Asset Managers identified a connection between mental health and sound financial decision-making, and partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association–Toronto (CMHA) to lean on their mental health expertise. This collaboration has broken new ground by rallying Canada’s investment sector – companies and regulators – to consider solutions to this complex issue.

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We polled Canadian investors…

To see whether financial planning contributes to better overall mental well-being.

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Connect to clients using social proof statements and community-based observations to help them open up about their own struggles or concerns.

Have your clients selected an “emergency” contact should you become concerned about their ability to make financial decisions or if you suspect financial abuse?

Learn more about the differences between a TCP and POA, and how to discuss these two roles with your clients.

Stress can derail a client’s financial plan. Use this proactive tool to identify client stress points and preset a plan of action.

Take care of your own mental assets with these 10 tips that guard against burn out.

Infographic: find out what mental health conditions advisors are encountering with their clients.

Life events can impact your overall health. What’s your score?

FOR INFORMATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Bridgehouse Asset Managers worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association-Toronto (CMHA) and Bridgehouse Asset Managers commissioned On Strategy Research to undertake qualitative and quantitative research. On Strategy Research conducted interviews for qualitative research and then quantitative research with advisors and investors across the country. In collaboration with CMHA, Bridgehouse Asset Managers assembled an Advisory Panel of financial advisors, to speak about specific cases and issues they were encountering, and professionals who work in mental health, in order to obtain background and insight. The experts included a psychiatrist, a lawyer (specializing in health/privacy law and mental capacity, vulnerable investors and estate law) and a mental health expert from the Canadian Mental Health Association. Bridgehouse Asset Managers® is a trade name of Brandes Investment Partners & Co. (Bridgehouse). The information has been gathered from sources believed to be reliable; however, Bridgehouse is not responsible for any errors or omissions contained herein. Bridgehouse assumes no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use, misuse or reliance on the information and content herein. This material is not intended to provide legal, financial, medical or other advice, and may not reflect the thoughts and opinions of Bridgehouse. Information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional. The law and practice applicable to the Trusted Contact Person and the Power of Attorney are changing very rapidly, and must often be adapted to meet the needs of particular contexts or individuals. Before making decisions about or giving advice to a particular client or customer you should seek advice from a lawyer. Permission must be obtained if the material is to be reproduced in whole or in part. The Canadian Mental Health Association-Toronto (CMHA) logo is used with the permission of CMHA.