Brandes U.S. Equity Fund Series AH (CAD)

  • Distribution Frequency: Annually
  • Number of Holdings: 54
  • Total Net Assets: C$91 M


The Brandes U.S. Equity Fund invests in 35–85 U.S. companies of all sizes that Brandes believes are trading at a price below fair value and that have appreciation potential.


  • Looks different than the benchmark
  • All-cap flexibility unconstrained by indices
  • Low portfolio valuations (e.g., P/E, P/B)
  • Distributions paid annually


  • Consistent value approach ensures
    no style drift
  • Potential for long-term outperformance
  • Can avoid expensive sectors and industries
  • Can provide diversification to other investments
  • Investors can choose currency exposure

Portfolio Sub-Advisors

  • Brandes Investment Partners, L.P.

    Brandes Global Large Cap Investment Committee

Fundserv : BIP

Fund Number
A 141 143
AH 348 -
F 541 543
FH 344 -